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'A Pasha's Abstinence'

Our second release album A Pasha's Abstinence is OUT NOW. Click here to check it out!

Introducing our guest artists
on 'A Pasha's Abstinence'

A Pasha's Abstinence features the beautiful talent of a select few guest artists:

Born and currently living in Warsaw, Poland, Joanna Kucharczyk first studied eurhythmics before settling to jazz vocals. Having graduated from Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, Joanna continued her education in Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Odense. She leads her own jazz quartet, is a member of Private Silence electro-acoustic trio and a conductress of vocal group Jazz City Choir. In 2012 she received 2nd Prize and Public Prize at Voicingers – International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians. In 2013 she won 2nd Prize at Nomme Jazz Competition and prize for the Best Vocalist at Johnny Raducanu's Festival. In the end of 2013 she released her debut album "More". Visit her website for more information.

George Dumitriu, born 1982 in Romania is a guitarist, violinist and a composer. He recently obtained his Masters degree in jazz guitar at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. His main focus is improvised and electronic music. Dumitriu obtained his Bachelor degree at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen in 2010. He spent a semester at Long Island University, New York in 2009. He leads his own trio - DUMItRIO, and is a founding member of Kaja Draksler Acropolis Quintet, for which he does compositions and electronics. A fresh project of his is a duo with an outstanding Turkish singer Sanem Kalfa, winner of Montreaux Jazz Competition 2010. In 2006-2009 he was co-leading Re-Bop Unit with which they released a record featuring Dick Oatts, mostly known for playing lead alto in Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra. In 2010 he was one of the four chosen composers to work with renowned Brussels Jazz Orchestra and perform at the Flagey Hall. Visit his website for more information.

Alex Simu was born in Bucharest. Pursuing an international carrier at age of 22 moves to The Netherlands and later to U.S.A. Master Diploma in Jazz music he studied at Amsterdam Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music - New York. In 2008, Alex was awarded the EJO scholarship and was Winner of Dutch Jazz Competition at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. In 2009, he became a Member of the European Jazz Orchestra and in the following year played on ARIFA’s debut disc, “Beyond Babylon,” which was voted the “best world music release of 2010”. Visit his website for more information.

Berti Barbera is known as a true believer in the deeper meaning and effect of playing and listening to music, promoting these values through concerts, articles, radio and TV shows. He also keeps workshops and conferences on different musical subjects, from jazz history to rhythm. As a performer, he uses his multiple display of skills and instruments in different musical experiences, including his own projects as a vocalist and percussionist. He worked with many prominent names of the national scene, also with great musicians from around the world, expanding his repertoire and learning from each one of them. Visit his website for more information.

The title track 'A Pasha's Abstinence' also features a string quartet consisting of Banatul Philharmonic of Timisoara artists Cătălina Trincă (v), Otilia Marița (v), Iuliana Birtea (vio) and Lidia Cosmin (cello).